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Area of Specialization: Ready Wear Garment Manufacturing
Final Product: Suits, Uniforms, Pants, Skirts, Shirts
Year of Establishment: 1992
Financials: http://www.ase.com.jo/en/company_guide/financial/ELZA

In 1992 JOWM led a group of investors to establish EL-ZAY Ready Wear Manufacturing Company as an affiliate company, with the strategic goal of growth by producing tailored garments to both civil and military clients. EL-ZAY was established in 1992 as a publicly listed company with a paid-up capital of JD10 million that had been increased to JD15 million over the years.

Today JOWM and EL-ZAY form a major strategic alliance using a vertically integrated process to produce a final clothing product, starting with yarn and ending with the ready garment. EL-ZAY is successfully selling its production to the U.S, U.K, Italy, Switzerland and many other regional countries.

El Zay’s General Assembly Invitation 28/6/2021

Financial Statements 2020

Financial Annual Report 2020


The Factory & Facilities

The company’s plant rests on a 21,000 sqm of land located 25 km from Amman. The company operates within two factories, the Tailored Garment Factory (TGF) and the Light Garment Factory (LGF). The TGF comprises two lines; tailored men’s jackets and dress pants. This factory produces tailored men’s suits, jackets, and trousers. As for the LGF, It mainly consists of six lines with the ability to produce any casual woven product as well as producing high quality dress pants and dress shirts. The company now exports its products to different markets in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Italian Counterparts & ISO 9000 Qualification

One of the company’s most important milestones is the joint venture entered with the Italian company Gruppo Finanziario Tessile (GFT). The deal is particularly valuable because of the Know-how provided by GFT, which enables El Zay to market and produce men’s suits, jackets, pants, shirts, and women garments that all adhere to technical specifications set by the company’s Italian counterparts. In addition, the company was certified for ISO 9000 for all its manufacturing and managerial processes in 1996.

Plant Capacity

EL-ZAY capacity today is 230,000 men’s jackets, 380,000 trousers, 150,000 shirts, 180,000 women jackets and 200,000 women pants and skirts.

Key Customers

EL-ZAY’s main clients are US based: 80% of EL-ZAY’s production is exported to the USA. The company’s list of clients includes global brands such as: Calvin Klein, Hartmarx, DKNY, Express Limited, Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue Private Label, Joseph A. Banks, Talbots and others. EL-ZAY also established its own brand ‘ZAY’ which is popular in the local Jordanian Market.

Quality Control

In the company’s pursuit for better status in the industry, they have adopted Total Quality Management as their philosophy, using various methods that include the following:

Management by Objectives

ISO 9000

Quality Checkpoints

Specialized Departments

Sales & Marketing Efforts

In realizing the need for an organized and regular marketing campaign in the US, the company worked with Global Marketing Strategies LLC in New York to help them in expanding their operations in one of their largest markets.

In Jordan, the company established World Fashion Trade Company with 49% ownership and handed on all marketing related campaigns and operating ZAY stores in the country.

The company offers different sales packages that include:

Cut and Make

Cut, Make and Trim

Full Package

Landed Duty Paid

Address : Rusaifeh – Awajan
PO Box : 3151
Postal Code : Amman 11181, Jordan
Telephone : +962 (5) 374 0200
Fax : +962 (5) 374 6001
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