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El Zay Ready Wear Manufacturing Co.

Established in 1992 as a public shareholding company with a paid-up capital of $5.6 million, ELZAY Ready Wear Manufacturing Company has steadily increased its capital to $15.8 million over the years. In response to the growing demand, ELZAY is currently finalizing a capital increase to $42.3 million to support its potential growth plans. Its advanced garment manufacturing equipment, machinery, and systems are housed in a 21,000 sqm (227,500 sqft) plant located 25 Km from the capital city of Amman.

To realize its objectives, ELZAY formed a joint venture with Gruppo GFT, an Italian industrial giant renowned for producing designer labels such as Valentino and Giorgio Armani. Leveraging the know-how provided by GFT, ELZAY has successfully produced high-quality men’s tailored garments, including suits, jackets, trousers, and woven shirts, with technical specifications and characteristics comparable to those of its Italian counterparts.

As part of its expansion strategy, ELZAY has broadened its tailored garment manufacturing capabilities to include ladies’ wear. ELZAY’s commitment to quality production is underpinned by the transfer of know-how from GFT, local skilled human resources, continuous career development, research, creative designers, and top-of-the-line sourcing of accessories and fabrics from across the globe.

Our Mission

The mission of El Zay Ready Wear Manufacturing Co is to be a leading producer of high-quality, stylish and affordable tailored garments for men and women, catering to the needs of customers worldwide. We strive to achieve this by leveraging the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques, partnering with global leaders in the industry, and nurturing our skilled workforce. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices guides us in our pursuit of excellence, enabling us to deliver value to our customers, shareholders, and communities we serve.

Our Vision

At El Zay Ready Wear Manufacturing Co, our vision is to be a globally recognized leader in the fashion industry, delivering high-quality tailored garments that exceed customer expectations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our activities, creating sustainable value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities we serve.

We foster an environment that liberates talent, inspires enthusiasm, and cultivates commitment within the El Zay family. Our pursuit of excellence is driven by our focus on maximizing competitive advantages through continuous innovation, cutting-edge technology, and strategic partnerships.

As we expand our business, we embrace diversity and leverage the cultural richness of our global team. We are committed to upholding our professional values, established since our inception, to ensure a cohesive and inclusive work environment that empowers our team to excel in their roles.