OUR Services

ELZAY Manufacturing hugely contributes to clients’ businesses by providing them custom garments production services that are essential to the success of their enterprises’ structures.

Full program

design and production

At ELZAY, we specialize in providing comprehensive garment design and production services that encompass a wide range of styles and colors. Our offering includes end-to-end support, from conceptualizing and designing the product to sourcing and procuring high-quality raw materials, all the way through to producing the finished garment to meet your exact specifications.

CMT production

Within this service, our esteemed clients have the autonomy to select the desired design for their garment, as well as source the necessary raw materials. Our team of skilled professionals will then provide the cut, make, and trim (CMT) services required to produce the final product.

Full order cycle

Through this service, we oversee the entire order cycle, starting from the procurement of fabrics and materials, all the way through to the production and delivery of the final product. Our service ensures a seamless door-to-door process.

Licensing and distribution

As a component of our expansion strategy, we undertake the process of identifying and procuring global brands, obtaining licensing agreements for the purpose of retailing and disseminating their products.