Our Products

Our products are esteemed for their superior quality, impeccable design, and exquisite craftsmanship. Through our commitment to providing a premium selection of products for both men and women, we have established a prominent position in the industry.


We are an established manufacturer and supplier of men’s and women’s jackets, that are available in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors.

    • Tailored:
      • Constructed: A classic jacket style stitched and shaped to the required design.
      • Unconstructed: A trimmed down, simplified version of jackets with minimal canvas, lining and padding.
      • Washable: Washing machine safe jackets that are resistant to shrinkage and color change.
    • Knit: Jackets made from one continuous fabric looped to form a jacket.
    • Shirt Jacket: Jackets designed in the style and structure of a shirt.


Our shirts are manufactured and produced with high-grade fabric by skilled professionals using the latest machinery and techniques.

    • Woven: A classic style of shirts stitched and shaped to the required design.
    • Performance: Shirts made for physical activities.


Our trousers and shorts are made with premium textiles and they are renowned for their exceptional quality and competitive pricing. They are available for both men and women.

    • Tailored: A classic style of trousers and shorts stitched and shaped to the required design.
    • Sport/performance: Trousers and shorts made for physical activities.
    • Five pocket: 5-pocket trousers and shorts have five pockets: two rear, two front hip, and one watch or coin pocket inside the right front hip pocket. They are reinforced by metal rivets at the corners of the three front pockets and typically products using denim or cotton fabric.
    • Career Wear and Uniforms: We offer the design and production of distinctive clothing worn by members of your organization. Our clients’ portfolio includes organizations such as Corporate, Airlines, Schools, Hospitals, and Military.